For Delegates & Institutional Delegation


It is our immense pleasure to share the list of felicitations of Global Model United Nations Conference of International Internship University, scheduled during 10th to 13th December, 2021


1. Global Participation Certificate for all participants – Delegates

2. Global Institutional Appreciation Certificate for participating Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

3. Best Delegation Award (For the Delegation with the most winning delegates) - Applicable for all committees

4. Best Institutional Delegation Award (if all 5 delegates are best) - Applicable for all committees

4. Secretary Generals - Best Delegate Award of each committee

5. Best Ambassador - GMUNC IIU 2021 – for highest delegation.

Total 4 (two from India and 2 from other Nations)

6. Certificate of Appreciation for Press: Global

a. Best Journalist Award

b. Best Digital Maker Award

c, Best Content Writer Award

d. Best Social Media Promoter Award

7, Appreciation Award for all Executive Board Members – of all committees

In each committee:


i. Best Delegate Award - GMUNC IIU 2021(Only one)

ii. High Commendation - GMUNC IIU 2021(Only two)

iii. Best Speaker Award - GMUNC IIU 2021(Only one)

iv. Honourable Mention - GMUNC IIU 2021(Only three)

v. Best Researched Award - GMUNC IIU 2021 (Only two)

vi. Best Change Maker Award - GMUNC IIU 2021 (Only five)

vii. Best Environmentalist Award - GMUNC IIU 2021 (one)

Awards for Faculty Advisers:


1. Best Motivator Award - GMUNC IIU 2021 - for all Principals or Head of Institute - Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

2. Best Inspirer Award - GMUNC IIU 2021 - for more than one group registration delegations from each institution

Benefits for Delegates:


• Free training sessions on Psychology, Technical etc,

• Lot many sharing experiences of UN Youth and their projects

• Global Awardees' profiles & photographs in the GMUNC IIU journal and updates in the Website yearly.

• Membership in IIU SDG council and provision to present their innovative SDG projects or deliverables during IIU's SDG training programs, conferences etc on the global platform

• Free hands-on SDG courses of IIU

Benefits for Faculty Advisers:


• Free training sessions on Psychology, Motivational topics etc.

• Global certificates for motivating and inspiring delegates of their institutions

• Free participation in the GMUN conference along with their group delegates